Buttonwillow Civil War Theater

The South’s Newest Drama in Pigeon Forge, TN


The Year is 1864

Buttonwillow Civil War Theater offers a look back into the year of 1864. They proudly present an original play, Grandaddy’s Watch, which tells the story of two East Tennessee siblings meeting during the war. One is a Union Colonel, and the other is a Confederate sympathizer. Their conversation explores each other’s view of their own unique way of saving their home, Tennessee.

Through their conversation, the audience will discover many interesting facts that our textbooks have lost. The comedic side of the show unfolds through their sibling rivalry. I had the chance to attend the show and I really enjoyed the historical accounts along with the audience participation.

Take a Trip Back to the 1800s

Steve Gipson and Andrea Phone have a way of telling you about some shocking words that you would dare not say back in the 1800s. Learn why common men’s attire would have been inappropriate back then with some interesting tidbits of the Civil War that you may not have known. Find out the real version of what caused the War Between the States, while learning many interesting facts that will make you chuckle and laugh throughout the show.

Precious Antiques

Make sure to stop by the Civil War Era Gift Shop and Mini Civil War Museum at the theater. They have precious antiques about the Civil War that I had never heard of or seen before until one of the lovely ladies working in the gift shop, Andi Lee, shared them with me. From left to right, a hair lock watch, and tear droppers.

Before the men left for war, their wives would weave a lock of their hair in a watch band and give it to their husbands to remember them by. When the men would come back home from the war, they would look at the tear droppers to see how many tears their wives had shed for them while they were away.


Most Photographic Restroom in the Smokies

Buttonwillow Civil War Theater is not only known for their unique show, and precious antiques, but they are also known for the most photographic restroom in the Smokies. A close expectation of pantalettes will reveal what Victoria’s Secret might have been. I took a picture in front of them to showcase the decorative style.

Meet the Two Behind it All

After the show is over, you can meet Steve Gipson and Andrea Phone who share their profound love of history and laughs. Buttonwillow Civil War Theater honors the past through two siblings who discuss the ins and outs of what happened during the Civil War.

Make sure to bring along your family and friends to be enlightened about the Civil War. I gathered many gems of knowledge regarding the Civil War throughout the entire show.

While you’re in the Pigeon Forge, stop by Buttonwillow Civil War Theater for an enlightening show and a good time! The concessions stand is available before the show to get some awesome treats and snacks! Also, take a peek in the Mini Civil War Museum and Gift Shop to see precious antiques from the past.


Looking for an Enlightening Show?

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