CAM Cabin Crafts

In Townsend, TN


Their Mission Statement

“The Mission of the Coalition for Appalachian Ministry is to make a positive impact wherever Reformed tradition and Appalachian culture come together by networking with church and community to provide educational and service opportunities.”

CAM Cabin Crafts carries hand-crafted and hand-made items that serve as an outlet to help over 200 crafters and artisans in Appalachia to provide basic necessities for their families. They have a variety of hand-made items such as: unique quilts made from local quilters, brooms, soaps, lye soaps, crochet items, bird houses, crosses, aprons, paintings, and so much more!

An Overview of the Shop

I had the opportunity to stop by this beautiful, quaint craft shop and learn about the different hand-made and hand-crafted items that are sold. I wanted to take an overview picture (shown on the right) to show what they have to offer in the shop. They have gorgeous jewlery on display when you walk in, as well as many decor for the interior or exterior of your home. I also liked looking at the breath-taking paintings and photos captured in the Smoky Mountains.


Dough Bowls

CAM Cabin Crafts has a big selection of Dough Bowls. Back in the 1800’s, grooms would hand carve these for their brides. They would put flour in the bowl and then put the dough on top to make biscuits. These types of bowls were originally passed down from mother to daughter, so it would be a very special item to care for.

Flint Knives

Another special item CAM Cabin Crafts carries is flint knives. I wanted to get a close up picture of these to show the hand-made, unique, quality of the knives. The process by which they are made is called, flint knapping. Flint Knapping is the shaping of flint or other conchiodal fracture stone to create these distinictive tools.

I enjoyed learning and viewing the unique hand-crafted and hand-made items CAM Cabin Crafts carries. I recommend stopping by their shop if you’re in town to visit and grab these special items. Since Christmas is coming quick upon us, these items would be great gifts to give your family and friends!


Visit CAM Cabin Crafts!

Visit CAM Cabin Crafts in Townsend, TN on your trip to the Smokies for unique hand-crafted and hand-made items!

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