Rocky Top Mountain Coaster

The Longest Coaster in East Tn!


Take On The Adventure!

Take on a coaster adventure at Rocky Top Mountain Coaster in Pigeon Forge, Tn! It has four uphills, four downhills, four 360-degree loops, and four tunnels. Ride through 20 acres of the Smoky Mountains during the day and at night. I rode it during the daytime and nighttime which gives you two different perspectives. I enjoyed the hills, twists, and turns through the whole ride! The ride is for everyone 3 years of age and older for the whole family to enjoy!

About The Longest Coaster

The track is approximately a mile back into the mountain and is around 9 minutes long. The sled can reach up to 30 mph when going downhill. The rider can control their speed by pulling up on the handles to break and pushing them all the way forward to go the full speed! I like going fast so I pushed the handles all the way forward. I enjoyed feeling the breeze flow through my hair. Make sure to check out the European Bears while having fun on the ride.



Ride it during the day and ride again at night when you bring back your receipt the same day for a $9.00 re-ride for everyone 7 years of age and up! You won’t believe your eyes at night when you see their special LED lights that light up the track and the trees surrounding the area. They have different light shows such as rainbow, fire, and lightning. Use #rockytoplights on your social media to request a particular light show to light up the track and the trees for a special memory.

Grab a Souvenir!

Grab a Souvenir after your ride to remember your adventure! They carry Rocky Top Mountain Coaster T-Shirts, Hats, Jackets, Hoodies and much more! You can also see photos of yourself taken on the ride when you walk into the gift shop. Get matching gear with your family and friends to let everyone know you rode the Rocky Top Mountain Coaster in Pigeon Forge, Tn!


Ride The Longest Coaster in East Tn

Visit Rocky Top Mountain Coaster and ride with your family and friends during the day and at night! Make sure to use the special coupon: Rocky Top Mountain Coaster Coupon

For more information on riding Rocky Top Mountain Coaster click Here

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