Smoky Mountain Deer Farm Exotic Petting Zoo & Horseback Riding Stables

A One of a Kind Petting Zoo in Sevierville, Tn!


Meet & Feed

Meet and feed the animals at Smoky Moutain Deer Farm in Sevierville, Tn! They have animals from all over the world to see up close. I loved getting close to all of the animals and feeding them! Here I am feeding Fallow Deer from Eurasia. Once they see you have a cup with treats they will be your best friends. Smoky Mountain Deer Farm is a wonderful place for all animals. They have deer, goats, horses, emu, camels, donkeys, cattle, pigs, kangaroos, Rocky Mountain elk, a zebra and more!

Mo the Llama is a rescue from a local farmer’s pasture field. Mo was a mystery guest to the field and to the farmer. The cattle found Mo to be a frightening creature, so the farmer thought it would be best to find Mo another home. Once the Deer Farm found out about Mo, they offered a chance to help him out!

Not long after Mo arrived at the Deer Farm they noticed he had a limp, so they had one of their veterinarians check him out. It was determined the limp came from deep within the hip. Only extensive surgery would correct the problem and the recovery period would be stressful to Mo. Since he seems to be doing great (other than the limp), the Deer Farm was advised to let him live out the rest of his quality years at the Deer Farm.

Mo the Rescue


Riding Stables

Smoky Mountain Deer Farm offers horseback rides for new and experienced riders. Their horses are well cared for and rest in between rides in the stables. The friendly staff makes sure your horseback riding experience is unforgettable. For more information on Smoky Mountain Deer Farm’s Riding Stables click Here

Visit this One of a Kind Petting Zoo

Visit Smoky Mountain Deer Farm in Sevierville, Tn with your family and friends to have an experience you will never forget! I loved everything about Smoky Mountain Deer Farm and I’m already planning my next trip back! Make sure to use the special coupon for your visit: Smoky Mountain Deer Farm Coupon

For more information about the Deer Farm go to Deer Farm Zoo

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