Ridemakerz at the Island in Pigeon Forge

Ridemakerz encourages the creativity found in everyone by designing the ride of your dreams!

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Creating a Rad Car

My sister and I got to create our own unique car at Ridemakerz at the Island in Pigeon Forge! One of the things I enjoyed about making my own rad car, is I chose what I wanted it to look like! The general manager, Richard, took us through the fun process of building our cars!

One of the first steps in creating your car is picking out the body. I selected a sparkly, pink Chevy Corvette, and my sister picked a royal blue Ford Mustang. There are 22 different bodies to choose from!

The second step in creating your car is deciding if you want to make it standard or remote control. I picked the standard version and my sister chose the remote control.

It’s Wheel Important

After you decide which version you would like to make your car at Ridemakerz, you’ll cruise over to the barrels of wheels to see which type you can put on your car. It’s wheel important to make sure you grab the right ones that work for your vehicle. My sister and I decided to put orange wheels on our car’s.

The next item you want to select for your car are the rims! Just like the wheels, the rims have different colors you can choose from too. I picked classic silver rims and my sister chose blue and pink rims.

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The Race

Once you’ve picked out the body, version, wheels, and rims, you are ready to put your dream car together. My sister and I got to race to see who can put it together the fastest! I beat her with a time of 52 seconds.

When the time starts,

  1. You’ll screw the bottom of the car into place at your own station.
  2. Pop the rims into the wheels.
  3. Attach the wheels to the car.
  4. Flip over your car to stop your time!

Next, you can build onto your car with accessories from the accessory wall. I chose a bumper guard to add to mine, and my sister picked a bumper guard and police lights to add to the top of her Mustang! You can also add mufflers, sticker decals, and much more to create your own rad car!

Let Your Imagination Cruise

Ridemakerz is a place where you can let your imagination cruise while creating a spiffy car! The possibilities are endless since there are 649 million possible outcomes of designing a car (not including decal placement). The people at Ridemakerz give you the confidence you need to create your one-of-a-kind car!

Just like how the process of making it was fun, you’ll be able to have even more fun playing with your unique car! The remote control version is easy to operate! You can even press a button on the car to make it sound while you control it, or move it around if you designed the standard version. My sister and I had a great time at Ridemakerz at the Island in Pigeon Forge! Make sure to ask for Richard and he will put you in the driver’s seat of building your dream car!


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