Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster

Ride the Hill, Feel the Thrill!


Ride the Hill

If you’re looking for fun things to do in Pigeon Forge or the Great Smoky Mountains, you should definitely check out this staple of Smoky Mountain attractions! Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster offers the longest downhill coaster ride in the USA.

They feature all-weather coaster rides and their very popular illuminated night rides.  Each ride down the mountain on the coaster generally lasts 7-8 minutes.


Feel the Thrill

If you’re new to Alpine Coasters, it is a molded plastic sled with a back and roll bar mounted to a metal track. The sled is designed to carry one or two people safely up the hill. The track assist will then let go and the riders take a gravity propelled ride down-hill along the track.

Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster’s track takes you on a winding ride through the forest and hills of the Great Smoky Mountains where you can reach speeds up to 27 miles per hour. Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster lets you control your speed with hand brakes, allowing you to ride at a comfortable speed or lets you run the track at full speed for the best thrill.

smoky mountain alpine coaster pigeon forge

Open All Year Round

Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster is open year-round thanks to their all-weather sleds, with removable rain shields. It is also open 7 Days per week.

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If you are going to pick the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster as a destination in Pigeon Forge, you should be aware there are some requirements before riding.


The  height requirement to ride alone is 56 inches tall. If riding with an adult, the  height requirement is 38 inches. The person controlling the sled has to be 56 inches tall and no younger than 16 years old. The maximum height to ride is 84 inches (7 feet).

Each sled can hold up to 375 Pounds in dry conditions and 330 Pounds in wet weather conditions.
Therefore, the weight limit per sled is 375 (or 330) Pounds while each sled can be occupied by one or two riders.


Amazing Views

The Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster is a great way to spend some time if you’re looking for things to do in Pigeon Forge. It offers great views of the majestic Smoky Mountains, the thrills of a roller coaster and fun for the whole family.

It’s nestled just inside the beautiful Pigeon Forge, TN at 867 Wears Valley Road. Once you are at the bottom be sure and check out the merchandise and take home a T-shirt, cap and other goodies.

Ride Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster!

Ride the Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster with your friends and family for a ride of a lifetime!

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Alpine Coaster Hours

**Hours are subject to change without notice at anytime. Be sure to contact to verify hours. All hours are EST.

Alpine Coaster Admission

Admission TypePriceExtras
Adults$15.00Same Day Rerides $8.00 with original receipt.
Children (7-12 years)$12.00Same Day Rerides $8.00 with original receipt.
Children (3-6 years)$5.00
**Prices subject to change without notice. Always verify admission with Smoky Mountain Alpine Coaster.